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Telephone: +39 340 721 68 06 (Monday to Friday 9h to 20h GMT +1)

Email: [email protected]

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Milan, Italy: Viale Ungheria 46, Stair E, int. D'ANTONI

Who we are:

Highly skilled and motivated, with a history of creating and maintaining strong teams Outstanding leadership and organizational skills with proven ability to drive process improvements across organizations. Consistently demonstrated ability to establish and maintain strong, productive relationships inside and outside of the organization. Describing the flow of transactions within the business process, and its relationship with specific accounts, within a revenue-generating process. Able to create and manage computer networks whose information a business is dependent upon. Understanding operational goals related to the effectiveness and efficiency of an entity’s operations, including profitability goals and safeguarding resources against loss, based on management’s choice about organizational structure and performance. Understanding financial reporting objectives related to the preparation of reliable financial statements, including prevention of fraudulent financial reporting.

Our best practice:

CFO Service & Performance Management Assesment on evaluation for company trasformation Sharing with the customer the plan of work Identification and resolution of the main issues of the project, technical (eg .: interpretation of IFRS and group accounting principles), identifying the methods of reporting items in the reporting system of the Group and the management issues; Interface with the parent company to share the structure and content of the reports and the logic of the application of accounting principles of the parent company; Supervision the activities of the work team and the results; Sharing as an account reference with the progress of the activities of the parent company, the main issues, and the resolutions; Preparation of a diagnostic IFRS and subsequent implementations; Preparation and processing periodic reports to the group with a focus on activities of: Development budget and quarterly forecast Periodic processing data allocation Support the activities of monthly closing Analysis of the results of the Company Internal Reporting and group Mapping the current process related to the bank accounts and to the accounts receivable and analysis of alternatives Monitoring the performance of the team Management and coordination of the needs of different business representatives, taking into account the characteristics of the information systems support and systems data entry Managing a team of 22 people as a point of reference for the customer Developing new technical ways for the management of account receivables (using Oracle, MySQL and Excel)